5 Reasons to book an Engagement Shoot now!

5 Reasons to book an Engagement Shoot now!

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

  1. Its a great way to break the ice and get to know your Photographer. On your wedding day you will typically spend more time with your Photographer than your partner, so its important that you at least like each other.
  2. Its also a fantastic opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, test out some poses, and rid yourself of any nerves. Being photographed by a professional is not as bad as you think! They have been doing this for a while and know how to make you feel relaxed to get those great shots.
  3. Perfect time to do your Hair and Make-up trial! Get all glammed up, get photographed like a famous person then head out for a fun night! Amazeballs!
  4. When was the last time you had fantastic photos of you and your partner done? Seriously nobody has time these days! This is your chance to update your wall prints and start to get you into the wedding mood!
  5. So you end up with all these amazing images of you looking all loved up, use them! Use them for your save the dates, thank you cards, signing board at your wedding.. whatever you like!


At Niki D Photography we think Engagement Shoots are so important we include them for FREE with any Photography package booked. We secretly just like to get to know you more ;-)

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