Boho Bride ~ Style Shoot

A beautiful Boho Bride Collaboration

I do love doing Styled Shoots! It allows us creatives to step outside the box a little and show everyone what can be done!

It lets us have a little bit of “me” time to express our talents and try some stuff out.

Complete with Flower Crowns, green lush backdrops, wild horses, an old cabin complete with waterfall shower, stunning dresses and the perfect Boho Bride models, this shoot was a delightful afternoon, more play than work!

Boho is not just a phase, its an expression, a way of life, a vision. Wavy curls, natural appeal, the real hippie glamour that epitomises the socially unconventional bohemian look.

If you are getting married in the Tamborine area, these vendors are local artists that will be a pleasure to have with you on your special day.

This shoot was full of amazing artists showcasing their very cool abilities. Enjoy!

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Hair and makeup by Nikki Fielding and Fran Lenz
Boho Brides

Photography by Niki Daly
Niki D Photography

Dresses by Kate Stevenson

Models ~ Dilara Kizilgul, Katee Smallshaw and Emily Hayden

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