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5 Reasons why YOU need a Wedding Planner

Are you wondering whether it is actually worth it to hire a wedding planner? Can you afford one?

Here are half a dozen reasons from a Gold Coast Wedding Planner why you can’t afford NOT to have one!

Gold Coast Wedding Planner

  • They can save you money

Think hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary cost- and a tad pretentious?  You’re not alone! The big ‘however’ here, is that if you need to budget your wedding (and I don’t know of many couples who have NO budget) then you probably need a wedding planner. A wedding planner will help you create the wedding you want for the budget you’ve got. If you want a certain feel to your wedding; if there are certain priorities you have for your day, your wedding planner can not only help you rationalise your budget but also provide the know-how to create your wedding style with canny, budget-friendly alternatives which can save you a lot of money when everything starts adding up!


  • They can save you a lot of time

So, so many hours goes into planning a wedding! If you’re a newly engaged bride there’s a fair chance you have never needed to hire any of the vendors you will be sourcing for your wedding. This is where being engaged can start feeling like a job in itself! Trying to navigate the wedding industry for the first time can be daunting and frustrating. I know- that’s how I felt once! Add on top of that, the importance of getting your vendor selection right for such a significant day in your life (and why do they all look so similar??) may seem impossible. A wedding planner has already done their due diligence on any wedding vendor they recommend. Their reputation relies on only sourcing professional vendors they trust will make your day sensational. Not only can you save time hiring a planner to source your vendors, these vendors will also come with the expert’s seal of approval.

Gold Coast Wedding Planner

  • They do the boring work

There are so many aspects to planning a wedding and some of them are really fun! Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean you miss out on all the exciting things you have been looking forward to when thinking about your wedding. Wedding planners are actually here to do the bits you don’t want to do- the boring bits. The difficult bits. And those aspects are going be different for every bride. Maybe you are looking forward to making personalised place cards but the thought of a budget spreadsheet fills you with dread. Maybe you enjoy budgets and floorplans but the thought of making 100 place cards bores you to tears! A wedding planner will only tend to the tasks you want them to. Personally, if I’m not good at something I will outsource it. Wedding planning should be no different. When approaching a wedding planner, let them know if you need help with a few specific things.  They will tailor a package to suit your unique requirements. Outsource the tedious parts of wedding planning and keep the things you enjoy for yourself!


  • They can bring your wedding vision to life
Gold Coast Wedding Planner

I would say the vast majority of brides I speak with have some idea of what they want their wedding to look like. Sometimes, these ideas are extremely specific, other times the ideas are more abstract and it can be difficult to describe exactly you want. Maybe you want your wedding to be ‘relaxed’ or ‘casual’ or ‘elegant’ or ‘vintage’. Either way, a wedding planner should be able to bring the feeling of the day you want to a tangible reality. A good wedding planner should be able ask the right questions and interpret the answers in a way that your wedding vision is brought to life. Particularly if you’re planning your wedding in a unique location, hiring wedding planner to cover any logistical problems you may not have thought of, can mean the difference between an okay wedding and a spectacular one!

  • They can save your family and friends

If you really don’t want to hire a wedding planner, as least hiring an on-the-day coordinator means that your family and friends will remain the honoured guests they deserve to be on your wedding day. If your mother and sister are both off, setting up the reception they are not by your side, sharing this special day with you! What does an on-the-day coordinator do exactly? Well, they basically act like your fairy-godmother, doing whatever it takes to make sure the wedding of your dreams happens! From overseeing the cake delivery and set up, setting up the ceremony and reception, delivering the wedding flowers, making sure Aunty Joy finds her seat, packing everything up at the end and sending hire items back. You would think they have a magic wand, because as far as you and your guests can see- everything magically happens!

  • They let you actually enjoy your wedding day

You may be on top of all this wedding planning. You’re an organised person who has a list for everything- and one on standby for the wedding gift ‘thank yous’.  I personally know of one bride just like this. She had overseen every detail herself from the day of her engagement. I’m just not sure she took care of one very important detail- enjoying her wedding day. Why do I question this? She took her wedding planner folder with her in the limo to the church. This folder had to be coaxed out of her hand just so she could carry her bouquet. She was still in wedding planning mode on the way to her wedding, instead of “Let’s get married!!” mode. A wedding planner or on-the-day- coordinator can help you relinquish possession of your wedding planner folder way before the limo arrives. Any concern about whether the wedding cake is set up correctly- or has actually arrived is no longer for you to worry about. All you have to do is enjoy this very happy day you have planned for so long!


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