I LOVE making my Brides cry ~ Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Niki D

Yes I LOVE making my Brides cry!

Am I a sadist? Um no. But tears tell me I have done my job. And done it well.

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There is nothing more satisfying than my Bride in tears – well maybe the Groom tops it off.

Does this happen often – well yes it does. I have an almost 100% success rate. I wear it like a badge of honour.

Almost to the point where I high five myself hiding around the corner listening to the heartfelt sobs.

But let me paint you a picture.

Its weeks after their special day, after the hair and makeup has gone, the honeymoon has been enjoyed. The now Husband and Wife turn up at my studio, hand in hand, excited to see what special moments I have captured from their amazing Gold Coast Wedding day. Still glowing from the buzz.

We chat, catch up on the Honeymoon details (just the PG rated stuff). I swoon about the images and how much I hope they will love them forever.

I sit them down in my viewing room, drink in hand, low lighting, a box of tissues nearby (I am prepared). And then I press play, and leave them be.

And yes sometimes I do hide around the corner and listen. The gasps, the giggles, the sobs. I love it!

The beautiful Highlight Reels that my clients view when they come to see me tells their story, it gets them everytime. It takes them back to those moments – those gasps, giggles and tears. Its magic.

So yes I do LOVE to make my Brides cry. But they are the best tears ever and usually are followed by a very heartfelt Thank You.

Thank you to all my Brides (and Grooms) for choosing me to make you cry.

And if you book with Niki D Photography and Film I promise to make you cry too. Niki D – Gold Coast Wedding Photographer