Kingscliff ~ Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

Christine + Connor chose the beautiful Kingscliff to say I Do.

Another weekend spent down in the beautiful Kingscliff area… how lucky are we!

Christine + Connor were high school sweethearts but more importantly friends first.

They are the cutest couple with adoring gazes for each other, we were truly honoured to witness their love become official in front of their friends and family.

Their families came together to celebrate, the weather didnt disappoint, although it was a little hot for barefoot bowls this time!

Kingscliff Bowls Club was again amazing! The ceremony set up and recently renovated Reception room, the staff, food and styling are much more impressive than what you would expect from a seaside bowls club. Check them out! They are awesome!

Even though Christine + Connor said their “I do’s” seaside, we ventured into the near hinterland to take advantage of the beauty that you nearly never see when staying down on the coast. Rustic barns and sheds, hinterland views for miles. It was sweetly romantic and a whole lot of fun with their hilarious bridal party.

Thank you for being laid back and lovely to shoot, for taking the time to enjoy the moments. Thats what life is all about!

Thank you for choosing us to capture such amazing memories for you both, we loved being your Wedding Photographer. We cant wait to see what you do next. The world is your oyster!

Niki D ~ Kingscliff Wedding Photographer

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