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Let us help you pay for your Wedding Photography!

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So ever since the beginning of time Weddings have been a big expenditure, and they seem to be only getting more so. There is nothing new there.

But what if we had a solution to this ever growing problem? This is how we see it.

As a Photographer I always encourage, rather enthusiastically, that my clients get an Album. There is nothing worse than handing over a USB and saying thanks very much. *face palm*

It might be my creative side, or my perfectionist personality, but it just seems so impersonal to hand over that tiny little device, of such a momentous occasion, and that is it.

Albums can be a rather large part of your expense when it comes to your Wedding Photography, definitely worth it, but none the less, an expense.

I never want a client of mine to take home an Album that was not 100% what they loved and dreamed of because they simply could not afford it in their budget.


Well we are very happy to be able to offer a solution to this problem, not only the Album but this can also be used for simply just paying for your Wedding Photography or Film! How crazy is that!

Watch this short clip below.. it might not solve world peace but it might just help you out in getting the Wedding or Album that you are dreaming of!

What are you waiting for? Get the Wedding Photos, Film or Album of your dreams today!

Niki x

Click on this link for more details https://albumregistry.com/faqs

Or feel free to email me at nikidphotography@outlook.com


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