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Lyn & Gordon said “I Do” at Altitude 565, Mount Tamborine

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Is there a special reason you chose this venue? We were originally just going to stay at the house and use it as accommodation, but upon seeing the grounds, we decided that they were too perfect not to use.  I’m so glad we made this decision as it couldn’t have been more perfect, especially with Lynda from Flowers by Lynda turning the whole back yard into a floral wonderland.

Tell us how you met: We actually met on an online dating site, Plenty of Fish.  Chatted for a few weeks online before we actually met, and then once we met, that was it for both of us, there was no going back and apart from a brief trip away for myself at the beginning of our relationship and my various hospital stays, we have not been apart.

How did the proposal happen: Gordon proposed on the 13th August last year, so we were engaged for exactly one year.  We were going on a holiday to China and he was going to propose there, but he was worried about losing the ring or them finding it at customs before we even left the country, so he took me out to dinner at Sanctuary Cove and proposed in the marina part in front of all the big boats.  I didn’t realise what was happening at first until I looked down the light literally shone on the diamond.  I kept looking at my finger, then up at Gordon and then down again and I couldn’t speak….there is a first for everything lol

Where will you be honeymooning:  We will be honeymooning in New Zealand…..not until April next year though.   It’s the only time I have off from caking.

What was the funniest moment on the day: When Gordon did a fireman lift with me and twirled me around and around.  He used to do that all the time, but since I hurt my back he hasn’t been game to do it.  It was fun to do that again

What was your favourite memory of the day: Seeing Gordon waiting for me under the Arbor and then finally getting up there and standing beside him and holding his hand

Who would you like to Thank: Gordon for marrying me and making me the happiest girl in the whole wide world; My son for walking me down the aisle and giving me away; My daughter for standing up beside me and my friend Kelli as well; Gordon’s girls for being his best girls, the grandkids for being so gorgeous and for being so well behaved on the day, my son in law for doing the music and just everybody for coming and sharing our special day.  It was only a small wedding but having the people there who meant the most to us was particularly special

What would be your best advice for Brides-to-be: To not sweat the small stuff, to have faith in your suppliers. Try not to become overwhelmed when some things don’t go according to plan leading up to the wedding day, and think, will this affect my wedding if it doesn’t happen exactly as I want it to.   Remember that the bride’s mood determines the whole mood for everyone and the day….a happy bride makes a happy wedding.   And lastly, to just enjoy absolutely every single second of your day, cherish every moment, because it goes by so fast.  Oh and have a brilliant photographer to capture all the moments that you will want to look back on over the years.  Memories do fade, but photos last forever and remind you of the little things you might forget

What would you like to tell future brides about your experience with Niki D Photography: I love Niki’s energy and her personality and that nothing seems too much for her, I think that really shows in her work.  I love the fact that Niki constantly asked me what photos I would like taken, but I also loved the fact that I was able to leave it up to her and completely trust in the fact that she knew what she was doing and that she would take the best photos possible.  I didn’t feel rushed at all over the whole day, and even early on just before we were to have the cars pick us up and I was worried about the time and we were going to be late, she said to me not to worry about the time, don’t worry about anything, it’s everyone else’s job today to worry about that.  I would totally 110% recommend Niki D as your wedding photographers, not only will she put you and your guests at ease, she is an amazing photographer

Vendor List

Car Company: Somerton Limousines

Flowers: Flowers by Lynda for venue flowers and styling, and Leaf N Bloom for bouquets and button holes

Hair/Makeup: Bayly Allure for makeup and Di’s Hair for hair

Celebrant: Sarah May Alexander

Cake Artist: Cakeit4U (The Bride)

Catering – See You Next Thursday

Vintage Furniture – A Little Vintage Bliss

Lolly buffet – Cart Me Away

Wedding Gown – House of Serendipity Gowns

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