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Kylie and Adam celebrated at the Southport Yacht Club  on the Gold Coast after saying I Do at the Stella Maris Catholic Church.

We are so very lucky that we have such amazing clients! These two beautiful people were nothing short of lovely! I love when you shoot a wedding and you just know they are going to be the forever ones! Thank you for choosing us to shoot your wedding, it was such a special day, full of endearing moments, family and laughs. Our kinda wedding x

~ Please see below for vendors this couple chose to make their day special ~

gold coast wedding photographer

Is there a special reason you chose this venue? No specific reason – we have both always wanted to get married in a church

Tell us how you met: We met while both working at an accounting firm in 2008 (even though we both grew up in the same suburb and parish almost our entire lives)! It was not love at first sight however, our friendship grew steadily over a couple of years and by June 2010 we decided to give a relationship a shot. We have been best friends ever since :-)

How did the proposal happen: We went to O’Reillys for the weekend to celebrate a personal achievement for me, however it seems Adam had other ideas. After enjoying a weekend relaxing in the very rainy rainforest, Adam took me out to my favourite lookout – Moonlight Crag. Adam managed to take me by complete surprise with the proposal, even getting down on one knee (I still thought he was joking until a purple box appeared out of nowhere)! My reaction probably needs to be sensored, but there was a definite yes :-)

Where will you be honeymooning: We are road tripping down to Tasmania – the only state that neither of us have been to in Australia. It’s exciting to visit a new place together!

What was the funniest moment on the day: Probably the bouquet toss! Or the very classy dancing on the dance floor!

What was your favourite memory of the day: For both of us it was when I walked down the aisle at the church. You go through so many emotions for one incredibly special moment!

Who would you like to Thank: Our parents – Peter and Therese, Rod and Ann – who without their love and support this day would never have been possible. Also our wonderful family and friends who have supported us throughout our relationship and celebrated with us on our special day. And finally Fr Ron, who travelled down from Albany Creek to celebrate our wedding ceremony, whilst on his holiday break!

What would be your best advice for Brides-to-be: It is all most definitely, 110% worth the effort! The preparation for this day can be joyful, exciting, stressful, frustrating, get you to your wits end, but the effort is worth it. Remember to take a step back to appreciate everything that you have done and the meaning of the day. And finally, keep it simple!

What would you like to tell future brides about your experience with Niki D Photography + Film: From the moment we first contacted Niki we have been incredibly happy and impressed with the service, flexibility, packages and relaxed nature that Niki provides. Even being complete novices in front of the camera,  Niki made every moment feel very natural, and this comes through in the fantastic pictures. We also had the Niki D Photography Photobooth at our wedding reception which was a huge hit! We couldn’t recommend Niki highly enough!

~ Vendors ~

Videographer: (unofficial) Gerard Daly

Flowers: Claire Bell – Eclaire florist

Hair/Makeup: Hair – Colleen Bliesner, Makeup – Suellen, Bayly Allure

Celebrant: Fr Ron Mollison (Priest)

Cake Artist: Eve – The Little Cupcake and Cookie Shop (Southport)

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