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Mohammadreza and Cassandra got married at Surfair Marcoola on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

sunshine coast wedding photographer

Is there a special reason you chose this venue? We always wanted a beach wedding in a nice quiet place

Tell us how you met: We were both working at a remote immigration detention center, Western Australia. I was working as a catering assistant and Mohammad was working security. In the 27th July 2012 I was working in the mess hall getting ready to open for breakfast when Mohammad walked through the door with a few other officers I knew. With that strut that he has when he walks, he came up to me and introduced himself.

How did the proposal happen: Mohammad took me out to the house I grew up in that my dad built himself. He took me to the old abandoned quarry where my dad and I used to go for walks exploring. He wanted to propose in a place that meant something to me.. And it felt like my dad was there with us. We ended up sitting on a large fallen tree that had fallen over a big dam full of water. Mohammad was sitting behind me and I was snuggled up in his arms when he got up and then got down on one knee and asked me to be his Angel forever.

Where will you be honeymooning: Not too sure yet. Haven’t made any plans but would like to go somewhere tropical like Fiji or Bali

What was the funniest moment on the day: While getting ready in our apartment, My maid of honor Emma noticed Alex (Mohammads best man) in the building next to us. We were waving to each other when Alex said to Mohammad “don’t look!!! The girls are up there!!” so Mohammad cheekily pops his head out quickly for a sneak peak. Alex put his hand over his eyes and shook his head while us girls were frantically trying to close the blinds without getting seen

What was your favourite memory of the day: Walking down the isle seeing my future husband tear up full of Happiness

Who would you like to Thank: Would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate our special day together. It was a dream come true. A special thanks to all those who traveled just to be here we really appreciate it. To our maid of honor Emma McEwan I’m glad you were by my side through this.. To my beautiful flower girl Flick. You did so well… To James for doing all the little run around things.. And for being such a great dad to the kids during the whole thing… To the best MC ever… Mark Heslehurst.. You completely lightened up the night with your amazing personality.. I know how stressful it would have been to do what you guys did but we are truly thankful.. We love you and Rose like our own parents and couldn’t have done it without you both..  To my mum Liesa Latimer and step dad Darren Latimer.. Thank you so much.. Without you guys and your help this would not have been possible. We are really grateful.. To my brother fatty Kane Leedham thank you for being by my side walking me down the aisle.. To Mohammads family for traveling overseas to be there for us… To my very talented cousin Jenna Parsons for doing our hair and makeup… To the florist “Flowers by Libby” to the amazing Photographer and Videographer from Niki D Photography and Film. You guys made it fun. To Karyn and the team at Surfair.. You guys did an awesome job.

What would be your best advice for Brides-to-be: Don’t stress about the little things. At the end of the day, you will realise that this day is about celebrating the love you have for each other.. Nothing else matters

What would you like to tell future brides about your experience with Niki D Photography and Film:  Such an amazing opportunity to get these talented, easy going people to capture the events of our special day. Half the time we didn’t even know they were there, they made it fun and made us all feel relaxed. Such a great team.

Vendors involved in this beautiful day:

Photography + Film: Niki D Photography + Film

Flowers: Flowers by Libby

Hair/Makeup: Jenna Parsons

Celebrant: Melissa Ann Thomas

Cake Artist: Sweetness Contained

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