The Lighthouse ~ Gold Coast Wedding Photographer | Niki D

Belinda + Dave got married at Cleveland Point Reserve and celebrated at The Lighthouse Restaurant.


Is there a special reason you chose this venue? Mainly for the stunning water & sunset views, the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant and knowing there would be some great photograph opportunities at this location.

Tell us how you met: well this is usually the question where Dave and I look at each other and have no idea what to say as we both cringe when we admit it hahaha… but guess it doesn’t matter much now J we first met online and then our first date was at the restaurant at the Wellington Point Hotel and where we found out that we had literally lived around the corner from each other for at least 12 months but had never been lucky enough to cross paths in our daily journeys

How did the proposal happen: Dave took me camping at Rainbow Beach for a long weekend, and he picked a sand dune to walk up to capture the most magnificent view and proposed up the top of the dune with a glass of bubbles and he positioned his phone in the sand so that he could video the whole event.

How did you chose your Bridal Party: I picked my three closest friends Jayne, Nikki and Katrina and Dave had his brother Ash as his best man and two of his other close friends who he has grown up with from highschool years.

Where will you be honeymooning: We went to Fraser Island for 9 nights – four we stayed in the island resort and the rest we camped. We were only supposed to stay in the resort for 1 night as it was our wedding gift from one of our bridesmaids but we loved it so much and couldn’t face going back to the tent after experiencing some luxury in the form of hot water and actual beds

What was the funniest moment on the day: funniest moment by far was that the limo driver turned up about 10 minutes early (so it’s clearly all his fault as he caught us off guard) but we were in the process of pouring all our glasses of bubbles ready for the trip… so when he turned up early it was a mad rush to try and fill up all the rest of the glasses and down the ones we already had…. so we got that done and rushed into the limo…… the limo man sets us up, shows us how to use the stereo…. we are too busy trying to get some tunes cranking and then about three or four streets later, one of the bridesmaids pipes up and says WHOLLY *%&& WE FORGOT THE FLOWERS!!!!! So the 12 seater limo driver had to try and do a 70 point turn in our little narrow estate to go back to get the flowers!!!! But hey, at least we didn’t forget the drinks right??

What was your favourite memory of the day: my two favourite memories of the day which will always stay with me is being able to spend the morning with my five gorgeous bridesmaids and my mum and being able to have lots of chats and laughs. The other was the entire ceremony but especially when I first pulled up in the limo and saw how pretty all the set up looked and seeing Dave standing there waiting. He said it was the only time he teared up was when he saw me walking down the isle.

Who would you like to Thank: without a doubt my gorgeous and so so talented photographer who made everything so easy and relaxed on the day and who has given us the gift of capturing such important memories for us of such a special day, my bridesmaids for being there for me every step of the way, Sue our celebrant who we were lucky enough to have on the day, but even luckier to be able to have her and her husband Tony as lifelong friends, Melissa at the Lighthouse for being so accommodating and helpful and Lauren and her girls from Velbella who did such a wonderful job on our hair and makeup and they were the most lovely, funny and kind ladies you could hope to spend your wedding morning with, the lovely Belinda Nave from Capalaba Carnations who did such a wonderful job on the beautiful flowers… and who doesn’t know they very nearly didn’t make it!! And finally my wonderful husband for putting up with me!!!!

What would be your best advice for Brides-to-be: Stay calm and relaxed and just enjoy the day…. It’s the best day of your life and at the end of the day, you have married the love of your life and your best friend so no little hiccups that may occur on the day matter – it’s not worth worrying about. The whole day goes past in the blink of an eye, so enjoy every second of it.

What would you like to tell future brides about your experience with Niki D Photography: 

I cannot recommend Niki D Photography and Film highly enough. Niki is a highly talented photographer and she creates magic with her camera. She is so friendly, professional and down to earth, she really makes you feel at ease and just be able to enjoy the moment without feeling like you are posing for photos all day. She captures some magnificent shots that you don’t even realise she has taken. You will not be disappointed!!!!

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