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The Lighthouse, Cleveland ~ Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Tom + Melissa

Tom + Melissa are the couple everyone has been waiting for to get hitched, and just to be a little different they organised a surprise Wedding, pretending it was their joint 30th at the lovely Lighthouse Restaurant, Cleveland.

There were some perfect surprised and shocked looks coming from the friends and family that came to celebrate and tears thrown in for good measure!

It was perfectly executed and a real celebration of exactly what a wedding is meant to be about!


What would you like to tell Brides about your experience with Niki D Photography and Film

Perfection! So professional and we are so thankful

It was just so beautiful

Tell us how you met

We met in primary school then again just before our 17th birthday

What was your funniest moment

Seeing everyone’s faces

What was your favourite memory from the day

Surprising everyone

Is there anyone you would like to thank

Absolutely everyone!

What would be your advice for Brides

Enjoy every minute!


The Lighthouse, Cleveland Wedding Photography