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Top 25 Wedding Photographers in Australia!!

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OMG! You should definitely book them!


This was a FB message (below) from a well-known Photographer a while ago, but over the past couple of years it has rung true with me so many times! I have had my work in a few magazines and it rocks! Dont get me wrong, but means so much more when its because your work is awesome not because you have paid for the privilege!! READ ON…


“So I was contacted recently by a wedding magazine about being included amongst the top 25 wedding photographers in Australia. They were gushing about what a great honor this is and how proud we should be to be elected to be part of their endeavor. After a large amount of needless gushing they said that we could be featured in the magazine for a fee of only $2500. But without paying for that advertising we would not be listed as a Top 25 photographer. What a surprise! So for a fee, a photographer can forever boast about being on a top 25 list in the country for the rest of their career. And what’s more surprising is that this is from a what I believed to be a reputable wedding magazine.

Melissa was fuming and about to send the following email:

“Thanks so much for that clarification. I find it hardly exciting and more than a bit disingenuous to tell a photographer that they have been voted as one the top 25 photographers in Australia, but only if they pay a publication money to advertise in it. As you may or may not know, Jerry is often considered to be one of the top 5 wedding photographers in the world (not just in Australia) and interestingly enough he has never had to pay for that title. It was earned through years of experience and hard work. I highly encourage you and your editors to reconsider your magazine’s decision to create a “pay to play” environment which will do nothing more than than tarnish your magazine’s reputation when the final list is revealed and the title means nothing more than the fact these photographers decided to advertise with you.

Your magazine has always enjoyed popularity in Australia and would probably be a publication that we may have considered advertising in. But not when it resorts to a popularity contest with the winner being whoever has the most money. That tells me that your “Top 25 photographers” has nothing to do with talent, customer satisfaction or hard work. And that is an unfortunate thing in to have happen in our industry.”


So you see people.. just because one magazine says someone is amazing, doesnt necessarily mean that they are.

Comes back to my valid point – MEET YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER IN PERSON!