5 Best Expo tips for this Expo Season!

Its Expo season again and some of these expos can just be a little bat sh*it crazy! Lets be honest!

So here are our best tips straight from our Brides on how to handle the good the bad and the ugly!




  • Have your details typed up on stickers! For real! The amount of competitions and times you get asked for your details – save yourself time and just hand out stickers! You gotta be in it to win it, and expos are all about information gathering so get in on it!
  • Take your bridesmaids! Always fun to hang out with your besties and they are not only great at filtering unwanted attention for you but fantastic bag handlers too! Please note – 9 times out of 10 – no your hubby to be does not want to go to an expo with you! #truth
  • Have a yes bag and a no bag – too polite to say “no thank you”???  Then this is for you. One bag for things you are interested in, and one bag for those you are going home to chuck in the recycle bin! Easier than sifting through when you get home. You are welcome :-)
  • Be prepared to be overwhelmed! It can be a bit crazy! Everyone wants to talk to you, give you flyers and information, they want to be part of your special day, so take a deep breath and enjoy the ride! If it gets too much go find a cake sample and a nice corner and take a break! This is no time trial you can take as long as you like!
  • This is the best piece of advice I think – create an email address just for wedding stuff! The amount of emails you get sent after an expo almost out matches the amount of flyers you get on the day so do yourself, and your email account a favour, and create a whole new one just for your special day. That way everything is in the one place too!