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**5 mistakes when choosing your photographer**

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It can be such a daunting task to choose your Perfect Wedding Photographer! Here are some top tips to help you avoid choosing a dud!

  • “Uncle Jim has offered to do it for us” Thats great! Not so great when you get your photos back, when Uncle Jim gets around to it, and you aren’t happy with them. You have no leg to stand on and you have just missed capturing the most important day of your life! Sometimes you do indeed get what you pay for.
  • Basing decision on cost. Yes I get wedding budgets, I have been married myself. But looking at inclusions, quality of work and actually meeting the photographer in person are so much more important! Sometimes paying a little bit (and i mean a little bit) more and getting more in your package from a more talented photographer is worth the budget stretch!
  • Not getting an album. Lets really ask ourselves what are you going to do once you have shared them on Facebook, printed off a couple to send to grandparents, what are you going to do with that little USB full of beautiful memories that you just paid good money for? Lets be honest it will most likely sit in a draw somewhere gathering dust. Get an Album! Most Photographers will let you pay this off if it is stretching your budget. They are an amazing heirloom and 8 years on I still pull mine out to show un-assuming visitors! They are stunning pieces of art that showcase your love story from start to finish.
  • Booking your venues preferred suppliers. Now don’t get me wrong this is not always the case, I am a preferred supplier at a number of venues. Just make sure you check out how long they have been on the books and how active they are with the venue. Does the Function Manager know them and recommend them personally? I have been to a number of venues where the Function Manager has changed so many times and the preferred suppliers list has been around since the venue opened.
  • Not meeting the Photographer in person. Go meet them, ask a million questions, look at their work in person, drink coffee, eat cake. You are putting a lot of effort into designing this perfect day for you to say I Do, you want it captured perfectly too. As a Photographer I want to know every little detail you have planned, who your most important people are, tell me about your day! I want to see what you see. Let me capture those memories, those moments, your love story.


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