Kaycee + Damien got married at the

St Camillus Catholic Church

and celebrated at the Cudgens League Club, NSW

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Is there a special reason you chose this venue? We wanted a country style wedding that reflected who we were, and the reception is where we both grew up going to events and playing sport for the club so our family has a strong connection there.

Tell us how you met: We met long before our Love Story began. We have known each other almost all of our lives, our families have known each other through sport and the community. We started seeing each other after a night at Cudgen Leagues Club when there was an event on and Damien offered to walk me home.

How did the proposal happen: It was Xmas Day and we were travelling across Germany and we spent a few nights in a townhouse in Prague. As we were exchanging gifts I read my card he had written and down the bottom was this questions.. P.S I love you so much will you marry me?

How did you chose your Bridal Party: It was strange for me as I dont have a lot of close friends back home, they are all over the world from travelling. So I wanted to make sure I had someone from everywhere that has helped me become the girl I am now, from all over. With Damien he knew right away, it was easy for him, then he made me so happy by asking my brother as well.

Where will you be honeymooning: Hamilton Island as we both have never been there and it was so worth the wait!

What was the funniest moment on the day: Having photos with the horses and half the bridal party being scared of horses! Plus the girls bus getting stuck going up the driveway at the church.

What was your favourite memory of the day: Listening to the speeches from everyone, made us so proud of each other.

Who would you like to Thank: Everyone who came from overseas and made such an incredible effort to see the two of us get married. Leanne my hair dresser who had my back all morning when I was sick, both of our families who were so good leading up to and on the day, they helped so much and it wouldnt have been as good as it was without them! Our Bridal party who we put to work in the days before the wedding, everyone chipped in and helped so much!

What would be your best advice for Brides-to-be: Remember that its your day, not everyone elses, that can really easily be lost. Dont get drunk, there are too many good memories to remember, and things happen but amazingly enough it all comes into place at the end so relax, its just a day.

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