• Will we meet before the big day?

Yes of course! More than once if you like! Our first meeting, over hot chocolate somewhere comfy, (or in my studio currently being constructed) lets us ask all the questions we have and go through all the amazing details you have so far. This gets you into a happy place that you have made the right decision by hiring Niki D Photography and Film. You don’t live on the coast? That's ok I am a serial Skyper from way back, so we can catch up for a virtual date.

• Will it be you that takes our photos on the day?

At Niki D Photography and Film we have a tribe of awesome people that work together to make sure your day is perfectly captured and preserved! Niki is the main Photographer along with Ben who is just as awesome! We also have a couple of Photographers that shoot as 2nd Photographers for us. We also have Kristen who shoots our Film. Because we pride ourselves on being fabulous and providing amazing customer service,  our little business is growing and so what used to be just little old Niki by herself has blossomed into what it is today. But rest assured even if Niki is not there on the day, you will be well looked after and all editing and polishing of your finished products is done by Niki, so rest assured you will get that famous Niki D look that you have paid for.

• Do you travel outside the Gold Coast?

Yes! Anywhere you like! Please get married overseas and take us with you!We are based in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland, Tamborine area, renowned for being the backdrop to many beautiful weddings.  But we have a travel bug and love to go to new and interesting places! Our passports are always ready and our bags half packed.Having a destination wedding and taking an Australian based photographer with you isn’t as expensive as you would think, so call us and have a chat!

• We don’t like being photographed!

Yes we get this a lot. So you are not alone.  Almost every wedding photography package comes with a FREE Engagement shoot, we think this is important so we can alleviate those nerves!  Our focus is for you to have fun and enjoy the shoot, lots of laugh and this means lots of great photos! The most common response at the end of this – well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be! Most people have never had a professional photo shoot done before so it’s understandable to be nervous, but trust us, let us do our thing, you will have a ball!

• Do you use Photoshop?

We mainly use what’s called Lightroom, when needed to adjust lighting, cropping, that sort of thing. Photoshop is used when necessary also, it is a necessary evil, but we definitely prefer a more natural looking finish. Photoshop has its place in the editing process. Of course we do get comments and requests for me to make bodies into different shapes, and to be completely honest, well we are just not that clever! So if you are concerned about these things definitely let us know so we are aware and can shoot you at a more flattering angle.

• Do we need to feed you on the day?

That depends if you want us to turn into a hungry, grumpy crazy people! Haha.. just kidding.. maybe.  For a full day coverage wedding, yes please it would be much appreciated! We do prefer to hide away somewhere and not intrude on your guests, plus by dinner we are starving and all etiquette goes out the window! This also saves us having to run off for an hour and find food, when we could be capturing your moments.

• Do you find locations for us or do we have to do that?

We love this part! Some people already have locations in mind and that’s great! Otherwise we go for a drive around the area and try and find some cool little places we can utilise.

We usually go and look at your venue about a month before if we haven’t been there before so we usually do a scout at this time too.

• What happens if it rains?

We always have a pair of gumboots in the boot for such occasions! Plus we are always prepared with umbrellas! Some of the best wedding photos are done in the rain!

Worst case scenario, if we have one of those ridiculously crazy summer storms and we literally can’t go outside.. we will definitely find cool places inside but we also have a sunny day reshoot guarantee! So you can get dressed up again and have a 2 hour outdoor shoot on us!

• Whats the best time to do our shoot?

Best lighting is the last hour of sunlight for the day- the Golden Hour. This principle can be used for your wedding day schedule too.

• Do we get the originals of all our images?

No you do not get the RAW images. You are paying us to do what I do. Trusting us to provide you with amazing images that tell your love story. The editing is part of the package and very much an important part.

What we provide you is also a very big reflection on my professional ability and our business image as a whole so what we provide you will be individual pieces of art.

What you do get is high resolution Jpegs which you are able to print to any size you like & share with whomever you like (please do)

• How long does it take for us to get our package?

We usually have a max 4 week turn around during high peak times, and if you chose an album then that takes a little longer too. While all good things take time, rest assured we are busting at the seams for you to see what we have done for you.

• How do we book you?

You just say “hey! .... I choose you!”

Shoot us an email, give us a call, or a tweet.. whatever floats your boat. We will send you a booking form. We need that filled in and sent back with a deposit and your date is secure! Easy Peasy!

Then up until the day you can feel free to get in touch for any reason, any question, anything at all. We are easily accessible. (in other words we are always online.. FB, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, Linked In, you name it we've got it! Its like a fulltime job in itself!