Our Superstar Wedding Photographer

"Simply put, Nicole is just amazing."

gold coast wedding photographer

Nicole is our Superstar Wedding Photographer here at Niki D Photography and Film.

She sees the light, she looks for it, it is her centre. This is a vital trait to have to be able to deliver stunning portraiture every time.

She falls in love with everyone she photographs, just a little with each and every image shot, because this is what she was meant to do.

She loves speeches, that time of the day when all the love and stories come out, she loves people, the shy and awkward, the quirky.

It is a beautiful thing when passion meets talent.

Nicole was undoubtedly born with both and has gone on to create such an eye for detail, a passion for imagery and a lover of light.

We are so blessed to have her as part of our Niki D Photography and Film family, she is an amazingly talented beautiful soul and she cannot wait to capture some beautiful moments just for you.

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Nicole, Gold Coast Wedding Photographer, Niki D Photography and Film