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Bring everything!

You can never bring too many outfits and accessories to a Boudoir shoot! The more the better! I have seriously had girls turn up with trunks full of lingerie! haha

It is much better to have lots of options than feel like you have an incomplete outfit.

Book your session in after that time of the month

Nobody feels fabulous when it is that time of the month and we always get bloated and do not feel sexy ever! So look at your calendar and work out when that is and book the following week. You also don’t want to have to reschedule because the Russian army invades!

Drink lots of water!

We all know that we need at least 2 litres of water a day! Water makes your skin look refreshed and hydrated, alcohol and salt will not. So try and avoid these in the days leading up. The camera sees it all!

Wear outfits that suit your body shape

This really is an everyday piece of advice! No matter your size or shape, if you wear clothes that flatter that size and shape you will look amazing every time! Get your sexy on and flaunt it!

Try lots of different outfits on, test them out

Test your outfits before you bring them. Do they make you feel sexy and sassy? Do they flatter you, and make you feel comfortable with you. If you are in doubt, bring it!

Get your tan right!

There is nothing worse than tan lines in photos! This goes for Brides and even portrait shoots. Yes we can have them removed and it will cost a fortune so please make sure you have no hard core beach sessions in the weeks leading up and get burnt.

Prepare the day before

Wax, shave, moisturise, all that good stuff! Does your hair need touching up? Get a pedicure and manicure, such a good excuse for some pampering! Every little detail will show up in your images and you don’t want to look back and think damn! I should have…

Ask lots of questions

There is no such thing as a dumb question. If there is something you are concerned about please ask. We would rather you go into the shoot without anything hanging over your head. We need you relaxed and not self conscious, so ask away!

Choose your Photographer carefully

Anyone can say they are a Boudoir Photographer. Have you seen their work? Have you spoken to them? Do you know where they shoot? What testimonials do they have? This is an investment in a very special experience so make sure you are spending your money wisely!

You do usually get what you pay for so do your research.

Relax and Enjoy!

I know, you are thinking easier said than done! All of my clients enjoy a pamper session getting hair and makeup done which starts the whole session. I don’t know about you but having my hair played with puts me to sleep!

During this process we chat and get to know you a bit more, by the time shooting starts the most common feedback I get is “this is easy!”

We give direction and I promise its loads of fun!

It is the most empowering beautiful experience a girl can have, so give me a call and lets chat about your session.


Niki D x