Should you have an UNPLUGGED WEDDING?

And what does that even mean?

You have probably seen posts on social media with a photo attached of a beautiful
aisle shot, right in the middle of a Ceremony and all you can see is guests standing in
the aisle, in front of the Photographer blocking the shot?
So an unplugged wedding is to try and avoid this.


unplugged wedding

                                                                                                                                            Photo Credit: Pavone Design Studios


Your Celebrant happily suggests before you walk down the aisle
that everyone be present and puts their phones away.

Being present in the moment is so important these days and even more so on a Wedding Day.

Does it work?

Yes most of the time.
The reality is that in this day and age everyone wants to capture that “perfect moment“.
We have the images like these, but we are also quite accustomed to this by now
and can usually get around the over-enthusiastic family member or friend. This
comes with experience.


unplugged wedding

                                                                                      Photo Credit: Niki D Photography and Film


We do still recommend getting your Celebrant to suggest being present, because as
much as its great for your guests to get a happy snap, you want the Photos that we
give you to include their faces not their device.


Another great reason that Couples tend to lean towards an Unplugged Wedding is because it gives you a little bit of control

over the first images of your special day that hit the Online World. You have paid a Professional to take

stunning photos of you and then an iPhone image, probably on an angle, gets plastered on Facebook. Awesome.

So to Unplug or Not? 

The choice is yours, whatever your choice make sure your Photographer has experience to deal with whatever comes their way.

Niki D x